Tageo Car Wash (225 ml)

  • Tageo Car Wash - Cleans, Shines and Sparkles Your Vehicles.The Life Of the Paint and Keep Your Incredibly Clean
  • Ph Neutral Car Wash Shampoo For Spot Free Cleaning With Very Pleasant Peach Fruit Fragrance
  • Foams Away Tough Dirt and Grime to Leave Vehicle Looking Like New, Safe On Paint and Does Not affect The Wax On Your Car's Surface
  • How To Use: Take 10 ml Tageo Car Wash Shampoo For 1 Ltr Water, Then Use a Foamy Sponge And Apply On The Exterior Of The Vehicle Including Body, Tires And Glass.



Apart from the aesthetics and looks, having a clean exterior of your car will extend the life of the paint and finish and keep your car looking new for years on end. If proper car washing regiment is not followed, it might lead to dull paint and development of rust over the course of time. Washing the car with the right cleaning agent is crucial to maintain your car in top condition. This is where Tageo Car Wash comes in. This rich, luxurious and wonderful formula gently and safely foams away dirt and grime picked off the roads making your car spot-free and streak-free. The solution is safe to use which essentially means that it will not strip existing wax protecting the vehicle or damage or dull the paint coating. One wash will clean all of the debris, mud, soot and other dirt, leaving you vehicle gleaming and shining. Wash your car with "Tageo Car Wash" so that it looks its best every day!

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