Housefly Control Services

Diseases spread by Houseflies
House flies will harbor a minimum of sixty five diseases that infect individuals. a number of the foremost common house fly diseases transmitted within the India. includes food poisoning, dysentery, and diarrhea. These pests may additionally transmit the eggs of parasitic worms, that cause their own problems. Other diseases carried by house flies include: Anthrax,Cholera,Salmonella,Tuberculosis,Typhoid. if you need a house Fly control call now!

House Fly Control Services for Commercial Places

– Methods (Inside): Spraying entire wall surfaces like painting mosquito tendency is always sitting the walls at that time it will kill due to knock down.Frequency of visit –Once in 45 Days

– Methods (Outside): We do normally cold & thermal fogging. Larvicidal spraying the stagnant water.

Frequency of visit –Regularly.

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