Cockroach Control Services

Unique Pest Control has developed an in-house integrated program to manage cockroaches Unique Pest Control has custom solutions that cohere to international food protection predictable based on the size and performance of the company

Cockroaches are common in homes and workplaces. Cockroaches are particularly common where food is produced or handled.They can arrive in incoming laundry, crates and packaging.Cockroaches can spread disease. They eat almost anything and can contaminate food. Unique Pest control Provides the Custom Cock-roach Control service

Diseases Spread by Cockroach

Roaches are proven or suspected carriers of the organisms causing: Diarrhea, Dysentery,Cholera,Leprosy,plague, typhoid fever and viral diseases such as poliomyelitis. In addition they carry the eggs of parasitic worms and may cause allergic reactions, including dermatitis, itching, swelling of the eyelids and more serious respiratory conditions. Call for Cockroach control service?

Cockroach Control Services in Residential Homes

– If house: Spraying the entire kitchen , toilet, Bathroom & Wash Area. Keeping the glue bait in an electrical utensils Cupboard, Wardrobe other non spraying area’s will keep cockroaches away once for all. Live free without disease spreading cockroaches.
– Once in 3 months

Cockroach Control Services in Commercial Places

– If office or other Business establishment: Spraying will be done Cafeteria,Dining, Kitchen, Pantry, Toilet, bathroom, Wash area’s and skirting level of main walls. Keeping glue baits under the table drawer cupboard, Wardrobe etc.
– Once in 15 Days

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