Weed Control

Weed Control

Weed control is the botanical part of pest control, using chemical and physical methods to prevent weeds from accomplishment a mature period of growth when they could be destructive to domestic livestock and plants. In order to decrease weed growth, several “weed control” approaches have been developed in order to contain the spread and growth of weeds.

Herbicides are chemicals that destroy or modify the low growth of weeds. They can be separated into 2 main groups: selective and nonselective. Selective herbicides are those that manage the target weed without damaging attractive turf grass species. Nonselective herbicides destroy all plants and are used in lawn renovation or on weeds not controlled by selective herbicides.

Prevent Weeds Naturally with Ground Covers

Empty soil in flowerbeds, gardens and around lawns is fertile ground for weed growth. Avoid weeds before they can even begin by using ground covers that will beautify your enclosure and border weed growth naturally. Rocks, pine needles, mulch, sawdust and low growing plants are all admirable examples of ground covers that will aid keep your garden physically weed-free.

For more entire weed control, first envelop the soil with newspaper, used carpet, fabric ground covers, old blankets or even unused yards of normal fabric and then place the rocks, pine needles or mulch on top. Using carpet, fabric and old blankets is a great way to repurpose these resources and keep them out of the landfill while provided that you with low-cost weed control.

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