Timber Treatment


Timber is one of the best natural resources that we have many special uses. It is used as a basic structure material to build our houses, is used to make furniture both in the house and garden, is turned into very beautiful artwork as well as having a extensive range of other various uses.

We have a broad range of high quality products to help protect timber both in the house and garden from these problems.

Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm can cause acute damage to timber within a structure; this may be in furniture, flooring, structural timbers, etc. The beetles lay their eggs on the exterior in the wood. The larvae then break through the bottom of the egg and bore their way into the timber reason the damage.

Treatment for the general furniture beetle is with a dip, brush or spray application of a woodworm treatment, usually Permethrin based, onto all of the timbers precious by the woodworm. It is extremely suggested that the timbers in the instant vicinity also have woodworm treatment practical as a precaution to prevent against future woodworm outbreaks.

Wood Preservatives
  • Ready or concentrated to use liquids: A fungicide and insecticide for the surface spray treatment of impure timber or as a pre-treatment for new timber. Can also be used for injection straight into the timber.
  • Pastes and gels: Ready to use products, for use either as an outside treatment or for injection into the timber. Used in “high risk” places or areas where a high penetration is necessary. For example joist ends etc.

    For surface wood boring beetle and fungi treatment we would counsel the use of brush or spray applied liquids, for deeper treatment or for treating parts of “high risk” we recommend the use of Gels or Pastes as these wood boring fungi and beetle treatments are deep penetrating and offer a higher level of protection.
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