Timber Damage Prevention

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Timber Damage Prevention

As solid as timber is, if it is not maintained it is likely to rot. One of the greatest cause of timber damage is Moisture. Timber tends to rot when it is often exposed to Moisture. In addition, freezing of water within the wood also causes a lot of damage to the timber. A house without adequate water proof is another cause of timber damage. Another cause of damage are woodworms. These insects build their homes in the timber. As the insects make their home in the timber they destroy the timber.

Timber Treatment Advice

If timber is not treated properly they will not be able to provide the support for the structure. Below are a couple of treatments tips;

Woodworm’s treatment is very important especially for timber that have been infested. The treatment depends on the specific type and specie of destroying agent.They agents that infest is basically beetles. Treatment is mainly by the use of water-based insecticide. This chemical kills the insect along with their egg and larvae. These treatments should be done by a professional so as to prevent further damage on the woods.

Another preventive measure is damp proofing. Damp proof includes the use of flexible material such as plastic sheets, bitumen, and metal sheets to reduce moisture. Timber could also be protected by the use of mortar, bricks and stone but this can be very expensive.

Dealing with molds can be very challenging. However, you can use anti-molds paints to prevent further growths of mildews and molds. The principle behind the use of anti-mold paint is that it reduces condensation as well as insulating the walls thereby reducing the amount out of moisture in the house.

Treatment of dry rot can be achieved by identifying the source of moisture and permanently rectifying it. It can be addressed by ensuring that there is proper ventilation. They wood is allowed to dry and after it completely dried it is treated with strong fungicides.

Do not procrastinate the treatments and maintenance of timber and wood in your home. Timber are vital to the structural integrity of your home. Ensure that this integrity is never compromise to prevent collapse of roofs and walls. Speak with a timber treatment professional for advice on the appropriate technique for the home. Act now before it is too late.

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