Maintenance common pest protection (MCPP):

Type of treatment

Treatment we provide

Frequency of visit

All types of crawling pests
Cockroaches / Ants /Centipedes
Millipedes / Spiders etc

If house: Spraying the entire kitchen , toilet, Bathroom & Wash Area.
Keeping the glue bait in an electrical utensils Cupboard, Wardrobe other
non spraying area’s

Once in 3 months

If office or other Business establishment: Spraying will be done Cafeteria, Dining ,Kitchen, Pantry, Toilet, bathroom, Wash area’s and skirting level of main walls. Keeping glue baits under the table drawer cupboard, Wardrobe etc.

Once in 15 Days

Mosquitoes, Flies etc

Methods (Inside): Spraying entire wall surfaces like painting mosquito tendency is always sitting the walls at that time it will kill due to knock down.

Once in 45 Days

Methods (Outside): We do normally cold & thermal fogging. Larvicidal spraying the stagnant water


Bed bugs

Normal Spraying:
First time spray about will be killing, After 20-25 days eggs will be come an adult.

Six months once

Gas treatment:
Entire place will be sealed in airtight condition & introducing the gas from outside
After 24 hours exposure it should be degased by our technician.

Six months once


Outside : Borrow fumigation / Bait station

Based upon : Infestation

Inside : wooden trap / glue bait station end of the service with repellent spray

 Cockroaches, Dust mite’s ants all types of crawling pest        Mosquito Control
Bed Bugs                                                                                                       Rodent

Warranted termite pest protection (WTPP):

Type of treatment

Treatment we provide


While construction – (Pre-construction)

Foundation level –
column putting –
Treatment before lying floor concrete
outside peripheral area treatment.
We are mainly using non-repellent chemicals

5 to 10 years

Existing Building- (Post construction)

Ground Floor : Both inside and outside adjusting to the
wall in the floor by drilling & pouring the chemicals

1 to 5 years

Other then Ground floor area :
Putting the hole above skirting on the wall

                                                              While construction – (Pre-construction)

Existing Building- (Post construction)

 Ground Floor                                                                                        Other then Ground floor area

6 7

                                                                                   Termite Infestationte



Type of treatment

Treatment we provide


1.Under cover fumigation 1. All the enclosure will be air tight
2. Two Technician’s need,
3.Placing gasing pipe & monitor line
4.Gas will be introduce from dispener
5. Gas concetration to be measured
6.After exposure period entire gas will be degase
7.Atlast fumigation certificate will be issue
No Liable only certificate is valid for
every consignment
Warehouse fumigation:
Container fumigation
Ship fumigation:


  Under cover fumigation                                                                 Warehouse fumigation


Container fumigation                                                                              Ship fumigation



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