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Our trained professional and Technical experts inspect and asses your property which got infested by the termites and we will explain about the termite biology, history, control measures, procedure of treatment and commercial parts in detail.

Methods of Treatment

There are two levels of treatment will be made against the termite infestation.

Type 1. Pre Construction level

1. This particular treatment must be started from the foundation i.e. column putting. Before laying the concrete, the structure will be treated as per the manufacturer chemical recommendation
2. Before laying the floor tiles, granites etc the hole will be made adjacent to the wall with one feet depth in the ground floor and the holes are made above scatting for entire additional floor the length of each and every running feet. The sizes of hole will be 6mm to 8 mm. As per the manufacturer instruction the essential chemicals will be poured for 3-4 times.
3. The hole will be made on the peripheral area with the help of crowbar. It also be treated by the nature of the soil. If it is a loose soil, dill with machine in one feet depth adjacent to the wall with the interval of 0.5 feet by pouring the chemicals more than five times.

Type 2.Post Construction level

1.Existing building,property,offices,corporate building,go downs,warehouses,lawn,apartments,etc will be easily infested by the termites. It might require termite treatment. Infestation control methods is called as post construction anti-termite treatment method. This method acts as a barrier against the action of the termites from the ground.
2.In this treatment if the building or termite infestation in the ground level, the entire ground floor will be treated by drilling a hole both inside and outside the building that is adjacent to the wall and the interval of every running foot. If it is above the ground floor the drilling will be made only inside the wall on above scatting. After the completion of drilling process,the holes will be closed and match up with white cement in the color of the floor and wall level. More than 3 times chemical emulsion will be poured. It is necessary to treat the infested or wood wall joint area with heavy concentrated knockdown chemicals.

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