Marine Pest Control


Unique Pest Management is providing services to the offshore gas and oil and marine industry. We remove and develop prevention and management processes for infestations including rats, cockroaches, bedbugs, mice, flies or fleas, irrespective of vessel or place.

We exploit the most advance techniques in the pest control industry and abolition of infestations on all types of offshore installations, including housing platforms, drill rigs and supporting logistics. Our systems can effectively track, monitor and control insect and rodent levels anywhere in the globe where the vessel is on station.

Whether you have a trailer boat or exist aboard yacht, we have a service to fit your requirements. In addition, dry wood termites and powder post beetles will assault your boat whether it is stored on ground or in the water. We have developed programs that will delight pests where they respect and hide the surroundings at the same time.

Do it yourselfers should keep in mind that house treatment products are extremely often not to be used on boats. This is to guard people, property, and the location. It is often safer and cheaper in the long run to use a practiced company to meet your marine pest control needs.

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