General Pest Control

General Pest Control

Unique Pest Control can deliver huge results; we take delight and offer a extremely professional service. We offer a range of pest control techniques to exterminate many house pests, and discourage their return. For pest free surroundings, talk to one of our household pest control experts today to converse the best treatments for your home or property.

Insecticides are used suitably and safely and officers will counsel on any essential precautions. Please be aware that no insecticides are assured as ‘entirely safe’ and we expect full cooperation from you to make sure any infestation is eliminated rapidly and efficiently with the minimum use of insecticides.

  • Commercial work area: Local water sites, Housing Associations, schools, warehouses, nursing homes and hotels/pubs/restaurants.
  • Domestic properties: pest control for rats, wasps, cockroaches, mice, bed bugs, pigeons, ants, clothes/carpet moth, carpet beetle, fleas, flies and squirrels.
  • Hygiene and cleaning: Good hygiene and housekeeping standards are necessary when dealing with any pest infestation. We counsel on any preservation issues and can organize a sensible cleaning and refurbishment plan to make sure a clean and healthy atmosphere.
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