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What is Fumigation?

Fumigation Pest Control Method: Before going to what we do in Fumigation Pest Control Method, Study about What is Fumigation? We recommend our customers to know about the methods we are using to control pests in their home.

In Fumigation method, the pest controller fills the entire affected area with gaseous pesticides, gaseous pesticides also called as fumigants. Fumigants are a chemical with required temperature and pressure in a gaseous state.

Where Fumigation Pest Control Methods are being used?

Fumigation Methods are widely used in Import Export Containers which are transferring between countries. It prevents pests and diseases entering in to the other country. Since Timber insects such as woodborers and dry wood termites affect the wooden packaging materials, Pre-shipment treatment is necessary according to International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures-15 (ISPM-15).

Nowadays, Fumigation Control Methods are also being used in Individual Villas, Home and Corporate Offices to minimize the risk of damage to their priceless wooden furnitures.

Process of Fumigation Pest Control Methods
  • 1. The area to be fumigated will be sealed with plastic wrappers or some sealing materials to avoid leakage of Fumigant or gaseous pesticides.
  • 2. Then the area will be filled with Fumigant through tubes.
  • 3. The fumigant gas should be held within the targeted area for a set of period. We should keep the area sealed till the fumigant gas reaches every affected area and kills the pests, wood borers or dry wood termites.
  • 4. Next the sealed area should be ventilated and the poisonous gas should be released from covered area, to ensure the safety environment for human.
  • The fumigation technique is most successful methods to control pests. Success Rate for Fumigation Method is 95%.

Why Unique Pest Management?

There are more reasons to choose Unique Pest Management. Before choosing one Pest Controller in Chennai or Tamil Nadu, you should analyze their customer´s reviews about their services in pest control & years of experience they are having in Pest control field.

  • 1. Unique Pest Management is having more than 10 Yrs of experience in Pest Control Management.
  • 2. We are certified as "Recognition of Fumigation Operator" by Department of Agriculture.
  • 3. Served more than 1 Lakh customers in Chennai & Tamil Nadu.

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