Fruit Flies

July 21, 2017 | Posted in: Uncategorized

Fruit Flies

In some areas of the country, and for businesses such as restaurants and food-handling companies, there are few pests more of a nuisance than fruit flies.


To stop them from making your business a haven for them, steps need to be taken that go to the very source of the issue.


“More and more, we’re finding that the dark-eyed fruit fly, and not the red-eyed fruit fly, is taking prevalence in restaurants. This is an important distinction for commercial kitchen managers because it may help with elimination and prevention strategies,” Black explains.

“Where red-eyed fruit flies prefer to breed in decaying produce and fruits, dark-eyed fruit flies will more often exploit the decaying organic matter that can build up inside drains, specifically in drains that serve soda and beer lines.”

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