Bed bugs

July 27, 2017 | Posted in: Uncategorized

Bed bugs. The two words probably conjure all kinds of horrible images of their tiny bodies, the skins they leave behind, and the red bites they leave on people. If you do a Google search, you’ll quickly see that they are all over the country, and have been reported around the world. In North America, bed bugs are a real problem for homes and hospitality businesses such as hotels.

Well, here’s the negative news for 2016. Black predicts that bed bugs will continue to make headlines, and not in a good way

In recent months, the news about bed bugs has become even more disturbing. Offices are finding them in cubicles and open-office plans. According to Black, most of the time this does not mean an active infestation, but that just a few of the live pests have managed to get inside.

To stop a full-blown infestation, business owners and office managers need to take a proactive approach to stopping them. Many pest control companies offer canine bed bug inspections that can find potential problems before they become huge. It might also be a good idea to educate employees about how bed bugs spread and how to make sure their workspace is not the kind of place that they’ll want to nest. Also, inform employees that if they find any indication of bed bugs, to let management know as soon as possible.

Those are the pest trends for 2016 that our experts are seeing. If you think you have a potential pest problems, be sure to call the experts at upest for a site inspection.

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