2017 Pest Trends

July 20, 2017 | Posted in: Uncategorized

It’s looking like this year could be a big one when it comes to pests. If you run a business, the last thing you might be worrying about is pests. However, weather patterns will likely bring problems with biting insects, rodents and new species in 2017.

According to Judy Black, Board Certified Entomologist and Vice President of Technical Services at Steritech, there is no doubt that the wild temperature variations and the increased moisture brought on by El Nino will have an impact on pests.

“Pests are extremely sensitive to environmental conditions, and El Nino could wreak havoc with pests’ biological and geographical activity,” Black explains. “Warmer than normal temperatures in areas that experience cold could mean extended seasons of pest activity; pests may have extra life cycles due to a lengthened warm season or may not experience a die-off due to cold weather.”

Black continues, “In addition to increased pest activity outside, heavy rains and flooding could lead to higher-than-usual pest pressures inside structures as insects and rodents look to escape excess moisture. Structures themselves may also experience damage, which could lead to increased pest activity.

Watch Out for More Mosquitoes
In 2015 the rainfall amounts across the United States set records. Throughout the year there were floods in the Pacific Northwest as well as Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Louisiana, South Carolina and Florida. All of that moisture and stagnant water could lead to an increase in mosquito activity in 2017.


With the increase in mosquito activity comes the increased risk of the diseases that they carry. According to the Centers for Disease Control, in December there were still cases of West Nile virus being reported. There have also been incidents of other mosquito-borne diseases in recent years that were initially thought to exist only in the tropics, like dengue fever and chikungunya, according to Black.


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